This department is to give the youth the positive, joyful Christian experience, establish them in the present truth through study of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, and encourage them to develop their talents in the service of other and give their hearts and lives to Jesus

The youth are the future of the church. From the first, God revealed the importance of training the youth. He called Abraham His friend because, He said, “I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him… ” Genesis 18:19. As in the Old, so in the New Testament, we see how God used the young people to carry great responsibilities. Lamentations 3:27. Therefore, their education is very important. Deuteronomy 6:7.

The Youth Department is responsible to:
  1. – Provide direction for helping the youth to know Jesus, put Him first in their lives, and give their hearts and energies to Him;
  2. – Be the helping hand of the youth counselors and youth leaders in the churches through their respective field and union youth leaders;
  3. – Generate materials and compile literature for distribution among the churches which will rightly help the youth in physical, spiritual, mental and moral lines;
  4. – Seek out the most qualified energies of the youth for ministry and encourage their cooperation in the various branches of the work;
  5. – Encourage the older workers to cooperate in training the youth by giving them a place at their side and the opportunity to learn by doing;
  6. – Regularly publish a youth magazine containing inspirational and instructional materials for youth and their leaders;
  7. – Engage in seminars for youth leaders and encourage youth gatherings and activities of every positive sort;
  8. – Coordinate youth studies worldwide;
  9. – Cooperate with other General Conference departments to develop a well-thought-out program and then work under prayer and in humility to carry out the general plan of the work to the glory of God;
  10. – Offer Christ-centered recreation (not amusements and diversion) by encouraging the learning of spiritual hymns, memorization of Scripture, and group activities for developing teamwork.
The youth leaders should encourage the youth to educate themselves to be useful instruments for the Lord and His work.